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[Public WebGL] Uniform and varying packing in the WebGL spec

Hi all,

This sentence in the WebGL specification section "6.24 Packing Restrictions for Uniforms and Varyings" confuses me:

"The WebGL API further requires that this packing algorithm succeed for all shaders and programs submitted to the API."

Based on the rest of the section, failing/succeeding means whether you can fit the data into the available space. So, to me, this seems to say that the algorithm can pack any kind of data at all into limited space, which is obviously false. If this is referring to that there are extra requirements posed for the shaders by the WebGL API compared to GL ES API (which allows implementation-specific tricks in varying packing, for example), then that is redundant information, since a paragraph further down clearly states when compilation or linking must fail.

The wording was changed in February, but I don't think I get the point that the previous version is trying to convey either, and it seems to me that this needs to be looked into again.

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