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[Public WebGL] ArrayBufferView -> ArrayBuffer.isView

A couple of months ago Mozilla and the ECMAScript committee expressed
concern with the typed array tests in the WebGL 1.0.2 conformance
suite. The specific concern was the exposure of the ArrayBufferView
interface in the IDL. The intent was to use this for type testing
(e.g., "val instanceof ArrayBufferView"), but it seems that the
preferred style in ECMAScript is to provide methods for these type
tests; for example, Array.isArray.

There was agreement to expose a static method ArrayBuffer.isView for
these type tests instead, and add the NoInterfaceObject extended
attribute to ArrayBufferView again. The current ECMAScript 6 draft,
which incorporates typed arrays into the language, contains this

Note that while Safari and Chrome have exposed ArrayBufferView for a
while, Firefox never did, so we don't believe any apps will break with
this change since it has never been possible to assume the presence of

The typed array editor's draft spec at
https://www.khronos.org/registry/typedarray/specs/latest/ has been
updated with these changes, and the 1.0.2 and top of tree WebGL
conformance tests have been updated as well to test

Please send any comments on this change to the list.



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