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Re: [Public WebGL] Interest in promoting to draft, and implementing, WEBGL_dynamic_texture

On 2013/06/06 6:45, Benoit Jacob wrote:
Dear list,

What are the remaining open issues preventing WEBGL_dynamic_texture from
being promoted to draft and implemented?

What can I do to help resolve these?

Following the EGL streams extensions definitely seems like the right
approach to this problem; from a naive reading of the
WEBGL_dynamic_texture specification, it seems like the general approach
is the right one and issues would be in details that would be best
investigated in the process of working on an experimental implementation.
Hi Benoit

The current draft spec. is insufficient in regards to synchronization capabilities. I am working on an update which will draw on OpenML and the recent EGL_ANDROID_presentation_time extension and accounts for the web approach of having a presentation time for each frame instead of a pre-set frame rate. The spec. should not be promoted until this update.

It will be easier for accurate synchronization if we had an explicit present call for the drawing buffer. I know this has come up in other threads. My current plan is to present 2 alternatives in the updated spec: with and without an explicit present call. However this is subject to change according to issues that may come up as I write the draft.

I am delighted to hear a strong request for this extension. It will give me impetus to get back to it and complete the update.



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