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Re: [Public WebGL] Re: Contributing to the WebGL mailing list

Just to add my own 2¢

I personally have the issue that I often say things in way that causes offence or directly or indirectly puts the other person down. If I'm lucky you haven't seen examples on this list but trust me I have this problem.

What I've noticed that helps me is (when I'm sane enough to follow my own advice)

1) I don't reply immediately

2) If I do write a reply and manage to notice it's confrontational I don't send it. Then re-write it tomorrow or at least several hours later.

3) Ask questions instead of asserting my opinion


asserting: gl.texImage2D with an image will be USELESS unless I can choose to load PNG files without the browser applying color correction and pre-multiplying the alpha!

questioning: How would I load an normal map with height in the alpha channel if there is no way to load a PNG file without the browser applying color correction and pre-multiplying the alpha?

I'm sure I still sometimes phrase the question in an insulting way but hopefully the act of putting issues into questions helps me catch myself. I've learned this technique from fellow developers who review my code and noticing my own reactions. When they assert that my code sucks I get defensive. When they ask if I thought about an issue I don't get defensive and instead get more thoughtful and listen to what they are saying.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 1:33 PM, Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com> wrote:

Florian, I value your contributions to the WebGL community; you've
added several valuable extensions and helped clear up several corner
cases in the specification and conformance tests. I echo Dean's
sentiment that I want you to continue to contribute.

Unfortunately, these rude interactions damage not only your reputation
but also damage the WebGL community. Other long-time contributors to
OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and WebGL are on the verge of abandoning the WebGL
mailing list as a direct consequence of the abrasive interactions that
have happened here over the past few months. I personally do not want
that to happen, and will take administrative actions to prevent it.

Understanding your personal issues, I can suggest a couple of
techniques which might help, such as not sending replies immediately,
but letting them sit for an hour and then re-reading them. Feel free
to contact me offline if you want to discuss more ideas.

All, let's please let our emotions cool down and move forward with a
civil, professional and technically focused tone. There's a lot of
work to be done to move forward the WebGL spec and make
implementations robust. Let's focus on that.


On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 11:30 PM, Florian Bösch <pyalot@gmail.com> wrote:
> Sometimes I'm an insufferable asshole and sometimes I'm not. It depends on
> where between down or up I am which influences my sensitivity, feeling of
> self worth, contentness, patience etc.
> I wish I had some control over this, but I don't. The cycles wash over me
> like the tides coming and going. This makes my life difficult, and it makes
> it difficult for everybody around me, and I know that. I try to put a wall
> between me and the outside world to protect them from my emotional life. It
> does mostly work, but sometimes it is leaky, and rarely it has a breakdown.
> There's choices I have to make in how to deal with this issue. I could just
> dig in for however long it takes to wash over me, but that's not a terribly
> good idea. I wouldn't get anything done for weeks on end if I did that. So
> about the only choice I have when I want to be halfways functional is carry
> on, and life with the unpleasant side effects, warts'n all.

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