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[Public WebGL] Re: Contributing to the WebGL mailing list

Sometimes I'm an insufferable asshole and sometimes I'm not. It depends on where between down or up I am which influences my sensitivity, feeling of self worth, contentness, patience etc.

I wish I had some control over this, but I don't. The cycles wash over me like the tides coming and going. This makes my life difficult, and it makes it difficult for everybody around me, and I know that. I try to put a wall between me and the outside world to protect them from my emotional life. It does mostly work, but sometimes it is leaky, and rarely it has a breakdown.

There's choices I have to make in how to deal with this issue. I could just dig in for however long it takes to wash over me, but that's not a terribly good idea. I wouldn't get anything done for weeks on end if I did that. So about the only choice I have when I want to be halfways functional is carry on, and life with the unpleasant side effects, warts'n all.