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Re: [Public WebGL] Textures and mip-mapping question

On 13/04/21 20:33, Florian Bösch wrote:
On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 8:20 PM, Mark Callow <callow.mark@artspark.co.jp> wrote:
Florian focused on NPOT issues and missed the more fundamental issue.
Did not. Re-read specification quotes, all relevant sections related to filtering, pyramid completeness and POT are quoted.
I have about had it with your attitude on this mailing list. Where in the following complete quote of your message do you quote the part  of the spec saying the initial value of MIN_FILTER is NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR? The quotes from pp 77, 69, 87-88 all have to do with NPOT textures. Yes the quote from p81 is more general but will have done nothing to inform the OP of his fundamental issue.

3.6.7, Page 77, on wrap mode repeat 
REPEAT is the default behavior for all texture coordinates. 

3.7.1, Page 69, on texImage2D
If level is greater than zero, and either width or height is not a power of two, the error INVALID_VALUE is generated.

3.7.7, Page 81, on mipmapping
q = log2(max(wb; hb))
All arrays from zero through q must be defined
3.8.2, Page 87
Calling a sampler from a fragment shader will return (R; G; B; A) = (0;0;0;1) if any of the following conditions are true:

3.8.2, Page 88
A two-dimensional sampler is called, the corresponding texture image is a
non-power-of-two image (as described in the Mipmapping discussion of
section 3.7.7), and either the texture wrap mode is not CLAMP_TO_EDGE, or
the minification filter is neither NEAREST nor LINEAR.



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