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Re: [Public WebGL] Manual WebGL Conformance Tests

On 17/04/2013, at 5:40 AM, Gregg Tavares <gman@google.com> wrote:

That would be awesome.

Unfortunately that project looks abandoned. > 2 yrs since last commit

If you're talking about reftests in general, they have been in WebKit/Blink for a long while now, and there is a big effort at W3C around them.

Look around in LayoutTests for:


In order to have them as part of the WebGL test suite will rely on the browser testing system, unfortunately.


I'm sure we can figure out something, even if we need browser specific glue for a while.

On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 10:38 AM, Benoit Jacob <bjacob@mozilla.com> wrote:

The issue of cross-browser compositor testing is really an impotant and
useful problem to solve. But I don't believe that manual testing is the
right solution. Instead, there should be a cross-browser Web API to
access the compositor rendering. It would have to be accessible only to
privileged code for obvious reasons.

Such tests are called Reftests on the Mozilla side; I thought that there
had been talk about making them cross-browser but I can't find that back
now. Some googling gives:


On 13-04-16 01:13 PM, Gregg Tavares wrote:
> There are currently 4 manual WebGL Conformance Tests not included in
> the auto run tests
> https://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/sdk/tests/conformance/manual/
> 3 of them are in the 1.0.2 snapshot
> They're manually run because they they are verifying compositing
> behavior and/or fullscreen behavior.
> Should these be required to pass for conformance?
> Thoughts?
> One idea to make this easier would be to add an option to auto-run
> these tests where the browser vendor could run there browser in a mode
> that allows these things to be checked. On other words, something like
> https://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/sdk/tests/webgl-conformance-tests.html?manual_tests=true
> We could add some stubs so the browser vendor could provide functions
> to make this automate-able like takeScreenshot() and goFullscreen()

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