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[Public WebGL] WebGL 1.0.1 released; linking 1.0 to latest version

Last week at the Game Developers' Conference, Khronos announced the
publication of the WebGL 1.0.1 specification:



This upgrade was a long time in coming; the spec was ratified in early
2012. The reason for the delay was that due to graphics driver bugs on
multiple platforms, it was not possible until recently to pass the
conformance suite on desktop operating systems according to the rules
set out by the working group. Thanks to AMD, Apple, Intel, the Mesa
developers, Mozilla, and NVIDIA, these issues have been resolved.

Firefox and Chrome have submitted verified conformance suite results
on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Future versions of these browsers will
support getContext("webgl"). Marvell and NVIDIA have also submitted
verified conformance test results on Android!

On other threads, it was requested to rename the 1.0 specification to
1.0.0 and make http://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/specs/1.0/ always
point to the latest dot release (currently 1.0.1, and soon 1.0.2).
This change is in progress; please post if there are any objections to


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