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Re: [Public WebGL] Matrix objects in JavaScript

There are two competing technologies in development to do this sort of
thing: WebCL and RiverTrail. We'll see how it shakes out. That's not a
use case that the proposal on public-fx is concerned with.


On 13-03-21 12:10 PM, Steve Baker wrote:
> I agree that for all of the specialist math functions (inverse and such),
> we're better off letting JavaScript handle it.  There are plenty of good
> libraries out there - and if there is browser-engineer time available, I'd
> rather it was spent on making JS faster than on writing and maintaining a
> library like this.
> The place where having some API support would be useful is in bulk
> operations.
> If I have 1,000 matrices that all need to be transformed in some way - or
> if I have a bunch of vertices that need to be multiplied by matrices -
> then there are massive gains to be had with machine-code that uses
> specialised CPU instruction sets and GPU OpenCL stuff that the JS
> optimizer is unlikely to be able to spot and take advantage of.  WebCL may
> be able to handle that - but I doubt we'll get comprehensive support for
> it on every platform as soon as we could get a set of simple operations
> for bulk matrix/vector work.
> So I think there would be value in defining a very minimal matrix library
> to handle a minimal set of operations (multiply, translate, rotate maybe)
> on large arrays of vertices and matrices.
>   -- Steve
> Benoit Jacob wrote:
>> I have been arguing on public-fx that we are better off without a
>> browser-supported matrix library because this is best done in JS both
>> from the perspective of performance (giving it a bit of time for JS
>> toolchains to solve roadblocks) and from the perspective of flexibility
>> and not blessing an arbitrary choice of matrix library over other ones
>> (and a poor one at that).
>> Benoit
>> On 13-03-21 07:04 AM, Si Robertson wrote:
>>> I have to say I can not think of any reason for native matrix objects
>>> to be implemented by browser vendors unless those objects (a) provide
>>> a significant performance gain over custom code, and (b) are
>>> compatible with WebGL.
>>> Matrix operations that work on typed arrays are very fast already if
>>> the code is optimised, and it is relatively easily to avoid creating
>>> new type arrays when needed.
>>> On 21 March 2013 10:24, Florian Bösch <pyalot@gmail.com
>>> <mailto:pyalot@gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>     On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 11:19 AM, Kirill Prazdnikov
>>>     <kirill.prazdnikov@jetbrains.com
>>>     <mailto:kirill.prazdnikov@jetbrains.com>> wrote:
>>>         Will it be a helper library or part of WebGL API ?
>>>     Neither. It would be implemented in the browser, not related to
>>>     WebGL, and in  my opinion, unusable for it.
>  -- Steve

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