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[Public WebGL] bindAttribLocation on _?webgl_ attribs

The test suite has this:
gl.bindAttribLocation(program, 0, 'webgl_a') expected: INVALID_OPERATION
gl.bindAttribLocation(program, 0, '_webgl_a') expected: INVALID_OPERATION

I don't see where this is in the spec. The GLES2 spec has this behavior for attribs starting with 'gl_', but I can't find the language in the WebGL spec which amends this. It seems like this shouldn't be strictly necessary anyways, since we already have this language in the spec:

"In addition to the reserved identifiers in the aforementioned specification, identifiers starting with "webgl_" and "_webgl_" are reserved for use by WebGL. A shader which declares a function, variable, structure name, or structure field starting with these prefixes must not be allowed to load."

With this restriction, it seems that the user couldn't declare an attrib with such a name anyways, so bindAttribLocation with these prefixes would always do nothing to a shader which meets this restriction, while refusing to 'load' (link? use? This should probably be clarified as well.) shaders which conflict with this passage.

It seems like we don't need this restriction, so it should be removed. Is there something I'm missing?


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