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[Public WebGL] WEBGL_depth_texture

WEBGL_depth_texture, currently in the process of ratification, has language which poses some difficulty for ANGLE. Both WEBGL_depth_texture and ANGLE_depth_texture, which it references, specify that the depth value is stored in the r, g, and b channels, with alpha being undefined. This language was included to allow for inconsistencies in the alpha value returned when performing such samples via D3D9. However, conforming to this creates a bit of a challenge when implemented over D3D11, as the depth value is then only returned by D3D in the r channel, with the other channels receiving 0, 0, 1 default values instead.

Our issues would be resolved by changing ANGLE_depth_texture, as well as WEBGL_depth_texture, to guarantee the depth value only in the r channel, and extending the warning about implementation dependency to cover the g and b channels in addition to alpha. Would there be any objections to making this change?

Thank you,
Shannon Woods
Technical Manager, Graphics Technology

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