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[Public WebGL] Proposal: merge new typed-arrays-in-workers test to 1.0.2

Right after the 1.0.2 conformance suite snapshot was taken, the MapsGL
team discovered (actually, rediscovered) a bug in Transferable support
for typed arrays in one major browser. Unfortunately, the WebGL
conformance suite didn't have a test of Transferable support, which is
why this bug went unnoticed to this point.

A thorough test has been added to the top of tree conformance suite:

I would like to propose that this test be merged back to the 1.0.2
suite. It exposes bugs in the majority of browsers supporting WebGL,
and it is likely that the 1.0.2 suite will be a target for both
browser and GPU vendors for quite some time.

Could all browser vendors supporting WebGL please reply to the list
indicating whether or not you would support this? Thanks.


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