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Re: [Public WebGL] Conformance OSX 10.7.x

On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 11:33 PM, Oliver Hunt <oliver@apple.com> wrote:
Users aren't necessarily technical experts.  Most people can understand concepts like "Site X wants to know where you are" and "Site Y wants to take pictures of you".  Asking for advice on technical issues is more problematic because a typical user does not have the technical knowledge to be able to make a meaningful answer.  This is an issue that has been discussed in detail in numerous committees over numerous contexts.
And it isn't going away.
Punting to the user on a technically driven security issue is a security anti-pattern.
Making the UX worse or making it hard to support your customers is a security discussion anti-pattern.
If this information is _really_ necessary
As WebGL grows, people will deploy applications to millions and hundreds of millions of users. A sizable percentage of those will have one or another GPU or driver issue. If you cannot scale supporting your customers, than you cannot scale making commercial, supported, well behaved WebGL applications. And unless you want every company trying to do that to make their support a straight pipe trough to whatever vendor, we need to solve this.
, then the goal should be to make the absolute minimum amount of information available.  eg. Rather than saying "can we have an api to provide a string containing all the gpu info" we could ask "exactly what information is required? How can we provide just that information?" and provide that info through a single explicit API.
The minimum information required is the driver version and the gpu.