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Re: [Public WebGL] Re: Renaming "webglcontextlost" and friend (Was: [whatwg] Hardware accelerated canvas)

On Fri, 14 Dec 2012, Kenneth Russell wrote:
> I'm in favor of deprecating the WebGL-specific event types in favor of 
> ones used for all Canvas contexts. Backward compatibility could be 
> achieved by continuing to send the webglcontextlost/restored event types 
> if listeners are registered for those events but not the new ones 
> (presumably "contextlost"/"contextrestored"). If listeners are 
> registered for the new types, the user agent could stop sending the old 
> ones.

Sending both events in the GL case seems fine. I'll let Chris figure out 
the details of which is fired first and which wins if one is canceled and 
not the other, etc.

> For WebGL it is desired to continue to have a detail message in the 
> event object, for debugging purposes if nothing else. Is that feasible 
> if the context lost/restored events are made generic?

Per the spec, no message is currently sent in the event object for these 
events, which is why I proposed using Event instead.

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