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[Public WebGL] Renaming "webglcontextlost" and friend (Was: [whatwg] Hardware accelerated canvas)

This is a question for WebGL in the context of some changes we need in the 
2D space:

So long story short, there are cases where, however hard we try, hardware 
is going to abandon us and clear the 2D canvas state.

WebGL fires a "webglcontextlost" event (using a WebGLContextEvent object, 
though its one special attribute is not used for this event) when the 
context is lost, and then a "webglcontextrestored" event when the hardware 
comes back from lunch (same deal with the event object).

It seems like it'd be good if we could reuse that for 2D, ideally though 
without the "webgl" prefix and just using a regular Event object rather 
than WebGLContextEvent. If we do that, it'd be ideal if we could also 
change WebGL to be consistent with the more generic terms and similarly 
use regular Event objects. Is that possible?

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