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Re: [Public WebGL] mobile support emulation

Just fyi, as this is somewhat related, in Firefox, in about:config you
can set webgl.min-capability-mode and webgl.disable-extensions. But that
is much more drastic than just adjusting to typical mobile device
capabilities, so it might not be that useful here.


On 12-12-13 12:10 PM, Florian Bösch wrote:
> A lot of mobiles still do not support WebGL and there's this topic how
> WebGL will never run properly on mobiles. I've had an idea
> to mitigate the problem.
> Google Chrome already includes an "Overrides" settings dialog that
> sets the UA and its screen metric from a profile. I would propose to
> extend this functionality to include:
> - WebGL extensions/capabilities being disabled for a device profile
> appropriately
> - A device profile would include a performance metric (collected from
> the actual device) and all WebGL operations would be slowed down
> artificially to match that profile.
> This would make it much easier to successfully target mobiles and to
> help users awareness of the limitations they face when targeting
> mobiles both in terms of capabilities and performance.

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