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Re: [Public WebGL] Please make the ArrayBufferView constructor visible

On 12/11/12 11:58 AM, Victor Costan wrote:
So it seems that the Firefox developers don't want to expose ArrayBufferView?

More precisely, one or two of the people working on the JS engine didn't. I personally think we should, and we should further have some sane way of doing things like instanceof cross-global (though that's not really a typed array specific problem).

On the Firefox and Chrome bug trackers, developers cite the spec as
the main reason why they didn't expose ArrayBufferView.

I think you read that wrong. In the Gecko case it wasn't exposed for whatever reason, then the spec was changed to reflect that, then we're not going to randomly go violate the spec unless there's a prospect of it changing back. I do think the spec is wrong here, fwiw, as is the SpiderMonkey typed array implementation...


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