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Re: [Public WebGL] Should GLfloat and GLclampf be typedefs for "unrestricted float"?

On 11/19/12 10:35 AM, Benoit Jacob wrote: > So it's actually very important to make GLfloat unrestricted.

Great.  I'll do that and the same for the sequence<float> bits.

> That may also be a good idea as GLclampf's too may
> be the result of nontrivial floating point operations.

Sounds good.

TODO: check the status of Float32 in typed arrays.

Completely undefined, as far as I can tell. The pseudo-idl in that spec looks like this:

  interface TypedArray {
    setter void set(unsigned long index, type value);

but it doesn't define anywhere that "type" is. There's a table above that talks about "Equivalent C Type", but not which WebIDL type corresponds to which typed array type...

In practice, I believe UAs treat these as unrestricted, and the spec talks at length about NaN behavior that makes no sense for restricted floats, so when this spec is fixed to actually define something it should use unrestricted float and unrestricted double.


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