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[Public WebGL] Fixing the OES_texture_float mess

OES_texture_float and OES_texture_half_float say that some implementations may support rendering to these types. However the rest of the WebGL specification contains requirements that make the FP rendering somewhat less than useful. To whit:

  1. Color parameters to blendColor and clearColor are clamped to [0,1].
  2. Fragment shader outputs are theoretically clamped to [0,1].
[I write "theoretically" in #2 because the default OpenGL desktop behavior is to only clamp the outputs when the color buffer has a fixed-point format. WebGL implementations would have to explicitly change OpenGL state to conform with the WebGL/OpenGL ES 2.0 spec's and get clamping. I do not know if any actually do this or if there is a conformance test for FP rendering that might notice non-spec-compliance.]

To fix this I propose to create two new extensions: EXT_color_buffer_half_float and WEBGL_color_buffer_float which modify the spec. language appropriately. These are now in the registry.

Why are there 2 extensions? color_buffer_float functionality does not exist on mobile devices which is why there is no OES or EXT extension. Desktop does not require RGB16F to be color renderable but that format is part of EXT_color_buffer_half_float which is available on some mobile devices. Having 2 extensions allows implementations to advertise extensions appropriate to the hardware they are running on.

Why different suffices? half_float mirrors an existing OpenGL ES extension. float is unique to WebGL.

These extensions require the implementation to also support OES_texture_half_float and OES_texture_float respectively.

How to fix texture{_half}_float? I propose to modify the extensions to say that when FP rendering is supported the matching color_buffer extension must be enabled when the texture extension is enabled. This is solely to avoid breaking existing applications. If not for this, I would remove mention of FP rendering.

Other issues:

Feedback please.



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