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[Public WebGL] Antialiasing being disabled on some Mac OS hardware

WebGL community:

This email is public notification that support for antialiasing is
being disabled in some WebGL implementations, and on some hardware, on
Mac OS. The affected machines are those with NVIDIA and Intel GPUs.

The MapsGL team at Google reported a bug some time ago (
http://crbug.com/137303 ) in which rendering would occasionally be
corrupted. Brandon Jones from the Chrome team at Google successfully
created a reduced standalone test case which provokes the problem, and
has filed two bugs with Apple.

Unfortunately, once the problem was understood, given its nature it
was necessarily to immediately disable antialiasing support in the
WebGL implementation. This has already been done in Chrome, and we
expect that other implementations will follow soon. Brandon has also
added a new WebGL conformance test which successfully provokes the
problem the majority of the time, which will be used as a regression

I am disappointed to have to convey this news as it will adversely
affect the rendering quality of all WebGL applications. I hope for a
speedy resolution to the bugs that have been filed, and look forward
to re-enabling antialiasing support in WebGL on these hardware
configurations as soon as possible.

If you encounter WebGL developers surprised by this change, please
point them to this thread in the mailing list archives:
https://www.khronos.org/webgl/public-mailing-list/archives/ .



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