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Re: [Public WebGL] Microsoft Broke the Silence

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 11:51 PM, Chris Marrin <cmarrin@apple.com> wrote:
Interestingly, they say WE in the first part and yet have never participated in WebGL, nor have they ever made any sort of proposal or even given a direct and specific critique of what their security concerns are. I think it would be healthy for them to make a proposal for 3D on the web, even if it were at odds with WebGL. It would mean they are talking and that's the first step.
Yeah the first step in the conversation with Microsoft would have to be them specifying what problems they specifically have. If they're just gonna reiterate their security FUD without any means to discuss it specifically, there's no progress.
Does Windows Phone 8 do curated apps? Can someone write a WebKit based browser for them? If so, perhaps IE support won't really be relevant :-)
Windows 8 phones (like WART) does only allow Windows app store apps. The windows app-stores TOS read much like Apple ones in that interpreters are out, and even if they aren't, the APIs to allow you to set a pointer to memory and execute it (jused by JITing engines like V8, Safari etc.) is no longer present in Modern UI. It does look like Microsoft wants to prevent any other browser than IE being present on Windows 8 phones and WART. So since it looks like nobody's gonna be able to write a truly competing browser for Windows 8 phones/WART (quite like iOS, *ahem*) IE support does seem to be quite relevant.