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Re: [Public WebGL] Microsoft Broke the Silence

On Oct 30, 2012, at 4:06 PM, Brandon Jones <bajones@google.com> wrote:

I'm not sure if this is "breaking the silence", as it's just a reiteration of their previously stated position. There's a small window of possibility hinted at, but the phrasing is very political:

"If we can solve the security problems, I think we'd seriously look at some way of producing 3D graphics for the Web."

Interestingly, they say WE in the first part and yet have never participated in WebGL, nor have they ever made any sort of proposal or even given a direct and specific critique of what their security concerns are. I think it would be healthy for them to make a proposal for 3D on the web, even if it were at odds with WebGL. It would mean they are talking and that's the first step.

Which indicates that they're interested in 3D on the web, but not necessarily WebGL. If they're waiting for security problems to be solved before moving, however, WebGL could very well have built up enough momentum that it might force their hand in a decision to support it. What it means to us is that we need to hammer out the security issues quickly and comprehensively so that there's no excuse not to support 3D on the Web.

I don't think we will ever "hammer out the security issues" to the satisfaction of some people. All we can do is get a few years of reliable operation under our belts. They either come around or they don't. 

Does Windows Phone 8 do curated apps? Can someone write a WebKit based browser for them? If so, perhaps IE support won't really be relevant :-)

~Chris Marrin