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Re: [Public WebGL] Bug in context-lost.html conformance test: getContextAttributes should not return null

On 10/22/12 4:54 PM, Gregg Tavares (社用) wrote:
That might be a bug in the test but just fyi, the attributes can change
when the context is restored. As an example: Find a win box with 2 GPUs.
Disable 2nd GPU, run a WebGL program, enable 2nd GPU, disable first GPU.
In an idea WebGL impl the context would be lost on the first gpu and
restored on the second. The second will have different capabilities
(different limits) and might have different bugs (different features
disabled like anti-aliasing)

OK. So what should getContextAttributes() be returning while in the context-lost state, then?

In particular, what should it return if a drawing buffer was never created? The spec doesn't seem to actually define this....


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