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Re: [Public WebGL] option for suggesting "low power" mode at context creation

On 2012/09/29 4:48, Kenneth Russell wrote:
However, I'd be hesitant to implement a heuristic like this for two
reasons. First, Mac OS is the only OS I know of that does the "deep
magic" to automatically migrate OpenGL resources between GPUs -- at
least, this is my understanding of how automatic graphics switching
works there. On other OSs like Windows I don't know how it works; I
think the D3D device can be created against a particular graphics
adapter, and I don't think resources can migrate between GPUs. For
best portability, an up-front decision when creating the context is
Context lost and restored events can be used to transition an app. from one GPU to another when there is no magic migration.
Second, if switching between GPUs really does work and one of the GPUs
doesn't pass the WebGL conformance suite, switching silently behind
the scenes could cause certain OpenGL operations to start failing in
the middle of the application's run. This would cause bugs that are
impossible to diagnose.
An application could fail for the same reason with the proposed context creation preference though it maybe more likely to fail at the start.  The way to debug it is the same. See if the app. works without the "save power" creation property == try with the OS or browser preference set to "Always use discrete".



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