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Re: [Public WebGL] Question about WebGL specification regarding getAttachedShaders

The returned values should be objects - and they should be persistent (that means that two calls to getAttachedShaders should return the same objects that I called attachShader with). I've built apps (and I've seen many others) that depend on this being the case.

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 10:07 PM, Christoph Martens <christoph@martens.ms> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm currently implementing the WebGL spec for my V8GL runtime that will target all kinds of mobile and desktop platforms and I got into a question about the usage of typical WebGL APIs because I'm unsure if this is the wanted approach.

Due to having no primitives linked in _javascript_, it makes sense to abstract a couple of APIs that way in which you are able to get the buffers back (as arrays). My question is mostly about the concept behind getAttachedShaders() in the spec - from the implementors side.

My current implementation of the gl.getAttachedShaders() does the following:

- use first argument as programs GLuint
- glGetProgramiv((GLuint) program, GL_ATTACHED_SHADERS, (GLint*) maxCount);
- glAttachedShaders((GLuint) program, (GLsizei) *maxCount, (GLsizei*) countBuffer, (GLuint*) shadersBuffer)
- create v8::Uint32 array out of the returned shadersBuffer
- return the v8::Uint32 array

The code is located here on github, linked line may change due to further work:


Is this the wanted approach for the gl.getAttachedShaders() method?

I think I was just curious because I didn't see a requirement to have a _javascript_-side WebGLShader data type as all of the APIs seem to be able to be implemented without it.

Thank you :)

-- sent from my Notebook

Christoph Martens
informatics student, former _javascript_ engineer at Zynga

linux core dev, hardcore v8 hacker, w3c member (webapp, css & svg)

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