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Re: [Public WebGL] Running WebGL conformance tests from the command line

On 9/27/12 10:05 PM, Mark Callow wrote:
I think a command line argument to force use of the OpenGL rendering
path is also important. There is one for Chrome. I don't not aware of
one in Firefox. I only know how to do it via about:config.

It's very very rare for Firefox to expose configuration stuff via command-line options. Not least because the people exposing that stuff are usually working on Gecko, which doesn't even _have_ command-line options. All of those are done by the various Gecko embeddings.

So the most common way to configure stuff is either via preferences (see about:config) or rarely via environment variables.

Note that you can have a script that generates a profile with preferences set up however you like and then just start Firefox pointed at that profile. That's how our test automation works, for example.


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