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[Public WebGL] Running WebGL conformance tests from the command line


I've been working with Ken over the last few days to put together a simple  Node.js application that is able to launch, run, and record the results of the WebGL conformance tests. It's now available in the Khronos GitHub repo:


Once the tool is installed, you can run the tests that suit your needs like so:

    node ./test-runner --browser=Chrome --version=1.0.1 --skip=extensions --fast

(Run with --help for the full list of args)

Results are output as plain text files into the "output" folder under the tool directory. Basic configuration for several Chrome variants and Firefox are included, but adding other browsers should be a simple matter of updating the config file. 

The tool is fairly lightweight at this point, and I'm happy to hear suggestions on ways to improve it, but it should provide enough functionality to allow the conformance tests to be integrated into a build pipeline.