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Re: [Public WebGL] option for suggesting "low power" mode at context creation

On 27/09/2012, at 8:19 AM, Brandon Jones <bajones@google.com> wrote:

> I would be strongly in favor of adding a Low Power option and keeping High Power the default, otherwise the resulting hit would be easily misinterpreted as a performance regression.
> I'm curious what other factors may come into play between low/high power aside from switching to and from discreet GPUs. If that's the only thing that changes I'd rather call it what it is and have a "allowIntegratedGpu" flag instead.

I don't like being so specific. A system may have two (or more) discrete GPUs and, besides, any WebGL content must "allow" the integrated GPU. This is just a hint to the implementation that you'd like to conserve power if possible.

> In any case, though, I think it's a great idea! What would be even nicer is if certain classes of WebGL use (like ads) could be forced to use a power efficient context. That sounds like a job for extensions, though.

It seems like the type of thing a browser could try to do automatically. For example, any iframe pointing to content from another domain could be forced onto the lower power GPU.


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