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[Public WebGL] WebGL perf regression tests moved to GitHub; design still in flux


At Ken's request, I've moved our WebGL performance regression tests to


This is a separate repository so we can more easily grant write access

Usual warning: these are only performance regression tests, not
benchmarks (they would be terrible as benchmarks because they are as
micro as micro-benchmarks get). Their purpose is to help implementers
catch performance regressions in any given implementation. As more
real-world applications are embracing WebGL, performance regressions can
be as important to avoid as conformance regressions.

Could this be handled by the existing cron job that I suppose we have to
make snapshots of these pages and serve them on HTTP? GitHub does not
seem to allow automatically serving pages automatically from the repo.

Here is the online test runner:

Here is a sample test file, showing how easy it is to add one:

If you add one, don't forget to add it to tests.txt which determines
which pages are loaded by the test runner.

Here is the test harness:

There are some non-trivial design changes coming in the near future, but
I didn't want to let that block the move to GitHub. Points that are
likely to change soon:

1) Currently, tests can use either requestAnimationFrame, setTimeout(0),
or postMessage to get their payload function called back. This leads to
a rather convoluted and inelegant design in the test harness, which I
would like to simplify.

2) It's not clear that setTimeout(0) has any use. If one wants to
measure stuff unrelated to compositing, postMessage should be at least
as good as setTimeout(0) and often better in current browsers (not
throttled). So we should be able to do with only RAF and postMessage.

3) When using postMessage, one should measure only the time taken by the
payload, instead of measuring the lapse of time between two consecutive


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