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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL support for high bit depth rendering & display

On 12/09/17 20:35, Jeff Gilbert wrote:
While this is an interesting use-case, it is likely quite difficult to retrofit compositing and rendering pipeline to support anything more than 8-bit-per-channel colors. Rendering to a 10-10-10 backbuffer is trivial enough, but getting that to the screen (after passing through all the DOM layout stuff) is not.

That's not to say it's not something to think about, but this is actually likely more complicated to implement than stereoscopic rendering, spec issues aside.

Converting a RGB 10_10_10 image to 8-bit sRGB before displaying on the screen is a reasonable solution. The wider formats are used to permit computations in physically linear space without introducing as many artifacts as 8-bit. All the information discernable by the human visual system that is contained in 10-bit physically-linear images can be displayed by an 8-bit sRGB perceptually-linear encoding. 



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