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Re: [Public WebGL] Issues while doing my last demo

On 12/08/27 6:14, Florian Bösch wrote:
API Issues:
- gl.clear is clamped to the range 0-1, which does not allow you to clear an FBO attached floating point texture, and instead you'll have to create a shader and splat a quad and set the desired color by passing in a uniform to be passed on to gl_FragColor
This is because this group did not do a complete extension specification for rendering to floating point buffers. OES_texture_float was never intended to support such rendering so does not include necessary changes to the Open GL ES 2.0 specification. The issue was pointed out at the time the WebGL version of OES_texture_float was hacked to allow rendering to FP buffers.

EXT_color_buffer_half_float probably describes all the changes necessary.