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[Public WebGL] Universal Shading Language Governance

If Khronos members are truly interested in promulgating GLSL ES as the
One True Web Shading Language for Universal Adoption:

1. Why is the GLSL ES WG private?
2. Why is the GLSL ES 1.0 spec so out of date?
3. Why is the GLSL ES spec source still unavailable?
4. Why is the GLSL ES shader source media type still undefined?

Languages developed in secret by committees don't have a great track
record. Developers do not appreciate unnecessary obstructions.

Khronos has had significant implementation quality control problems
with its 'conformant' member implementations.

Stewardship and inclusion beat hegemony and exclusion in the Age of Knowledge.

Your reasoned response is appreciated.


David W. W. Sheets

P.S. Plan ahead.

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