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Re: [Public WebGL] Just thought I'd pass this on

Ok, so let me get this straight:

Everytime that the community of browser vendors comes up with a single standard to solve something, Microsoft comes up with a slightly different but incompatible flavor of it making web developers life a living hell. Previous examples include:

- CSS alpha via filters
- audio codecs
- video codecs
- spdy
- WebRTC codecs

They also steadfastly refuse to implement things like WebGL for reasons only they themselves can fathom. And now, they're just proposing to add another one to the list of web-sabotaging technologies: CSS shaders.
And they don't just stop at the Web either, they extend this behavior to other standards (like word processor standards) as well. 

This is entirely unacceptable behavior. If they don't want to implement something they can just do that. There is no need to continuously sabotage the web with all these intentional incompatibilities. We've seen this behavior from Microsoft for a long time now. And need I remember anybody how Microsoft managed to sabotage 3D on the web in the first place in the 90ties at the time they developed DirectX and which lead to their retreat from the Khronos boards.

At this time I would suggest to any standards body to:
- Discard any input from Microsoft with prejudice
- Do not try to appease to Microsoft as a "vendor" of web technologies because their sole intent is clearly to keep the web from becoming a feasable platform
- Do not show tolerance for intentionally malicious behavior