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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL Reference Pages

Seconded about wiki vs bug filing. I've reported > 10 bugs to opengl.org reference pages, of which most have been fixed in time, but it hasn't been a process that I would recommend to new sites. After double digit reports, I asked if I could have access to the repository to just fix them myself (i.e. I attempted to show good faith efforts in using the system available but offered to reduce the workload for them), but as a result of some politics, I would need to pay 10K / year for the privilege of fixing the reference pages, assuming my membership to Khronos was approved. Being able to "just do it" would have saved a lot of effort and a few of my friends who referred to the pages would have made a lot fewer mistakes!


 But as a counter example, look how long the GL pages have had bad info. I filed bugs. They still aren't fixed. If they were a wiki I'd have fixed them myself. As something checked in somewhere I have no idea where they are or how to get access to their repo or if I'm even allowed to access that repo. I'm lucky I even had an idea where to file bugs. On a Wiki I just click [EDIT] and fix it.