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Re: [Public WebGL] Oculus Rift

On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 6:14 PM, Ben Vanik <benvanik@google.com> wrote:
I backed it as well, thinking of WebGL. The display portion should be doable right away (stereo shaders + fullscreen mode),
It seems they're targeting a single screen 720p output and split it down the middle for each eye, so that's easy enough for a start if so. But I think those devices will evolve non standard resolutions or multi-port inputs (it's obvious that if something like this takes off it'll target full-hd for each eye eventually).
but the input will be trickier. An npapi plugin that exposed the gyro/accel would be easy to throw together and could be released as an extension. If the device takes off maybe even exposing that data through the device APIs in the browser would be feasible, depending on how good their SDK is.
 The input will go over USB and it'll probably have driver support in the host OS, so it's probably just like a gamepad. There are definitely latency/resolution issues in the gamepad API though.

What's bothering me a bit about it is ease of use. With the hodgepodge fullscreen + gamepad approach it'd be like:
1) Now drag your browser to the right "monitor"
2) Now click fullscreen
3) Now click acquire gamepad
4) Now tell the app this gamepad is the head tracker
5) Good to go

Ideally it should be something like "We detected you have a Oculus device, do you want to switch to that? [Yes]" -> done.