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Re: [Public WebGL] WEBGL_dynamic_texture extension proposal

>>> Will Khronos publish the TeX source for the specification of the Open
>>> Standard?
>> The question has never been raised before and therefore never discussed.  I
>> personally don't see any reason why not. I'll raise the question in Khronos.
> David,
> What do you see as the advantages of
> (a) the TeX source being made available

The OpenGL specifications are Open Standards consumed by any living
human with an interest in standardized graphics rendering and internet
access. The specifications are drafted in TeX and then translated into
publication format(s). This translation step almost always loses
semantic information and typically adds structural, stylistic noise.
By publishing the TeX source:

- The standard can go anywhere (epub? docbook? man pages? texinfo?) at
any granularity (quoted fragment excerpts)
- The barrier to community contribution to fix formatting or
typographic errors is drastically reduced
- Derivative formats may be of the highest possible fidelity to the
standard as drafted
- Khronos retains control over the official source of the standard
instead of forcing hostile document extractions

> and (b) having an HTML version of the OpenGL specifications?

The OpenGL specifications are primarily distributed using the World
Wide Web which uses HTML as its primary document format. The
advantages of HTML include:

- Well-defined document fragment user-agent behavior for incoming and
outgoing links
- A variety of mechanisms for dealing with specific user-agent
rendering constraints (screen sizes, media formats, accessibility)
- A huge number of parsers and document editors including browser
extensions enabling collaborative annotations
- Excellent hyperlink navigation integration in user-agents (tabs!)

The King of the Titans may also be interested in
<http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/> as a popular many-to-many document
conversion solution.


> Regards
>     -Mark
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