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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL Reference Pages

On 31/07/2012 18:23, Gregg Tavares (社用) wrote:
WebGL, being a WEB spec, I'd like to suggest that where it makes sense, live examples are part of the docs. We can check samples into the webgl repo and use iframes to stick them in the reference pages.
Is this a con for using a wiki or are you saying iframes can be used in wiki pages?

Can a Wiki display MathML? If not, how do you display equations? The OpenGL reference pages use MathML. 
This is just my opinion and it will be wildly impopular with many people, but I consider MathML to be a bad idea because it is too domain-specific. We can't have one Web technology for each specialized domain of typography. That's the real reason why MathML support still isn't ubiquitous (actually arrived only fairly recently in WebKit!).

Another important flaw of MathML is its syntax, which is extremely verbose and unfriendly to hand-typing.

The standard for math typography is LaTeX (used by nearly 100% of math articles). It is very concise, friendly to type in, mature (30 years), complete, and extensible.

The standard way to include math on a wiki, as is done on Wikipedia, has long been to use Mediawiki extensions that allow to type LaTeX math and compile them (on the server side) to images.


That could be modernized (probably has been done already) to output MathML to serve to clients that can support it. Or better yet, process the LaTeX in _javascript_, client-side, into DOM elements with exact positioning, in the way that PDF.js does (falling back to a 2D canvas for the cases that can't be handled by DOM elements).

Anyway, I believe that the right approach is to use LaTeX as the format for all math in a wiki, and use whatever LaTeX mediawiki extension is currently popular: it will be easy to switch later.