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[Public WebGL] WebGL Reference Pages

It's been suggested WebGL should have a set of Reference Pages similar to the OpenGL ES reference pages


What do you think? Important? Not important?

If you think we should have them how do you think they should be implemented? There's been 2 suggestions so far

1) Check them into the repo.

  Easier to automate some things
  Changes can be approved

   Much more work to make simple changes or contributions

2) Put them on the Wiki

   Much easier to contribute and edit


Someone pointed out that Mozilla's experience is that Wiki > Repo when it comes to docs. They switched from docs in a repo to their wiki system at MDN and saw a big increase in contributions, especially from a people that hadn't previously contributed to code.

WebGL, being a WEB spec, I'd like to suggest that where it makes sense, live examples are part of the docs. We can check samples into the webgl repo and use iframes to stick them in the reference pages.