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[Public WebGL] webgl tests seem to require 24/32-bit canvas buffer

Hi all,

I just discovered that the webgl tests seem to require a full 24-bit/32-bit canvas buffer on many tests, since they expect to draw and then readPixels back specific values which won't match up if the canvas is 5/6/5 or 4/4/4/4.  This is unfortunate, since we really want to choose a 565 format for the canvas on mobile if we can :)  One solution would be to create a framebuffer for the tests that need exact color values to execute in, and to fix up the few that don't really.  I suppose we could also add a hidden pref in Firefox to always request a 24/32-bit buffer and run the tests with that in the meantime, but I think the tests should be passable as-is when rendered to a 565 buffer.

    - Vlad

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