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Re: [Public WebGL] iOS chrome

Short: No.

Long: No because Apples TOS on the App store forbid you from doing applications that would include a script interpreter that loads scripts in some way and executes them. This means browsers, mostly. Because that is so, there are only two choices to bring your "own" browser to iOS.

1) What Opera does, rendering the page on the server and sending a picture to the client.
2) What Firefox/Chrome do:
There is no Firefox on iOS.


using the the native webView built into iOS that is implemented by apple (mobile safari) and adding your own "decorations". This, in my opinion, hardly would qualify as a "different browser", but I digress.

Apples mobile safari webView does not support WebGL. There are undocumented APIs that let you get WebGL for webView, however another clause in apples TOS forbids you from using undocumented APIs and they will reject your app because of that.

TL;DR: No because webView does not support WebGL

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Webgl support?