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Re: [Public WebGL] Changing extension spec boilerplate

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 12:22 AM, Mark Callow <callow_mark@hicorp.co.jp> wrote:
> David,
> Thank you very much for your reply.

You are very much welcome.

> On 21/06/2012 15:49, David Sheets wrote:
> ...
> After
> webgl/extensions$ grep -R additions *
> Edited like
> ...
> I was hoping for a way that does not break the build of existing extension
> spec's. How about if I add a <webgl-additions> node by cloning the
> <additions> node?

None of the official extensions appear to use this section and I know
of no unofficial extensions that use this tag. Also, I don't think
WebGL extensions should be adding any normative text to OpenGL ES 2.0
chapters. The present section title and associated meaning are
entirely due to the direct transcription of the OpenGL ES 2.0
extension template.

Unless there are other objections, I believe <additions> should change
to WebGL spec additions. Here is the bug and patch:

> ...
> extensions/template/extension.xml describes in comments the source
> generating <http://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/extensions/template/>
> using the major features of the system (notably missing the recently
> added cross-specification references).
> I know. I've been following it. Speaking of extension.xml I get an instance
> of the following error for each extension processed by xsltproc each time I
> run make:
> warning: failed to load external entity "/extension.xml"

Does this error occur on
$ make registry.xml

What concrete command is executed after that incantation?

Does the error occur on
$ make OES_texture_float/index.html

> I can't find this file. Is it supposed to refer to the template file? I also
> can't see why I get multiple instances of the error message as it is only
> referred to in the makefile as a prerequisite for the generation of a single
> file: registry.xml.
> Any idea?

A copy of the stdout/stderr would be helpful. Something is failing in
the map over the extension list, EXTS. What operating environment are
you executing "make" under?

I have submitted a minor patch at
<https://www.khronos.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=661> that may fix
your problem if you have extensively edited the EXTS list in Makefile.

> What XML editor do you use? Does it understand any other XML schema
> languages?
> XMLMind. It understands DTD's W3D XML Schema and RELAX NG Schema.
> I am interested to know more about your use case. Which components
> (e.g. API, state, GLSL) of the standard does your proposal extend?
> Does the extension introduce any new namespaces or reference any
> external namespaces?
> It extends the WebGL API. It also extends state and GLSL but those parts of
> will be coming from an existing OES extension. Once I have the proposal in
> reasonable shape I'll post it to this list for discussion.

Great! One of the most useful applications of these specification
documents is the automated extraction of GLSL symbols and types for
shading language processors. If your extension proposal extends the
GLSL global namespace with new macros, types, variables, or functions,
I would like to work with you to declare this in extension.xml in a
structured way.



> Regards
>     -Mark

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