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Re: [Public WebGL] HI-DPI displays and WebGL issues

As far as I know, these are undisputed facts:

- most existing webgl uses in the wild are not aware of high/low dpi issues and have made no provision for it, nor do they use webgl in any future compatible fashion for implicit conversion
- a lot of algorithms (like postprocess filtering, noise generation from textures etc.) relies on pixel distances and related functionality like interpolation and derivatives
- the most popular frameworks (like three.js) offer a bunch of "free" postprocessing effects like DOF, bloom blurs etc. which would break
- implicit conversion of buffers, canvases, images and backingstores in an attempt to automagically make webgl apps work with high-dpi displays will result in a lot of webgl apps ending up broken on high-dpi displays

To me this says two things:
1) CSS pixels == real pixels is mandatory if you do not want to break a lot of webgl apps
2) Any adoption of high-dpi conversion has to be an opt-in mechanism, not an implicit attempt to do it invisibly behind the users back