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[Public WebGL] comparing typed arrays


I did not find a better khronos email list for this topic, please let me know if there is a better place for typed array questions.

Looking at the typed array spec I did not find a way to compare (efficiently) 2 arrays, 
Is that something that was considered and discarded for some reason ? Or did it just not made it into the spec yet ?

Among probably many other example... a real life example of the usefulness for this is when you don't want to re-update the uniform value of a matrix.
I found that for very dense hierarchies, it was much faster (on chrome) to just shadow the previous matrix and compare with the new incoming one and not set if both are equal. So it would be even better to rely on a fast compare taking benefits of typed array to do this more efficiently.

This is especially critical in Chrome where who do not want to send over the GPU process tons of matrixes...

Many thanks,