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Re: [Public WebGL] changing out-of-bounds index access to return 0 values instead of generating INVALID_OPERATION

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> The OpenGL working group has been developing a new extension
> (GL_ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior) which more precisely defines
> the behavior of out-of-range buffer accesses. Out-of-bounds reads
> from
> buffer objects, such as in indexed draw calls, will be allowed to
> return either a value from within the buffer object, or 0.
> Out-of-bounds writes can go anywhere within the buffer, or be
> discarded.
> I do think that we should eventually make a change to the WebGL spec
> in this area, but it's essential to make sure that it agrees with
> whatever is added to the OpenGL spec, so that implementations will
> actually be able to eliminate the overhead when these extensions are
> available. For this reason I think that we should wait until
> GL_ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior is ratified before changing the
> WebGL spec. What do you think?

Ah right, I couldn't remember the name of that extension.  The problem, as I remember, is that the behaviour will be one of two things, right?  And we need (or wanted) more determinism than that.  So we could pick one of the behaviours, and if we can get the read-0 behaviour even now, I'd say we should pick that as long as it'll be a valid behaviour option in the upcoming extension.  As for timing, I guess it depends on how long until it's ratified :)

    - Vlad

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