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[Public WebGL] Re: WebGLSL Media Type Proposal

On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 10:07 PM, David Sheets <kosmo.zb@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, world!
> I would like to propose the IANA registration of an official WebGLSL
> media type by Khronos and the WebGL WG.
> WebGLSL is a new language for the Web and like the other Web languages
> should have an associated media type for use in protocols like HTTP
> and tags like <script>.

The mechanics of use are separate from the declaration of type. My
proposal concerns the standardization of the name of the type of the

I believe an RFC is required to complete an IANA media type
registration. I would be more than happy to assist with the drafting
of the RFC if assistance is needed. Drafting the RFC would be much
easier if WebGLSL had a public and active working group and editors'
drafts of the next revision of the language in public source control.
I believe the last revision (17) of WebGLSL was published as PDF in

We must first have a type declaration before we can discuss what
standard mechanical specialization should be keyed off that type.

The sooner we can achieve media type registration, the sooner
interoperable Web-harmonious WebGLSL web services and serialization
formats can be deployed and independent developers can build on the
common type name.

I think we all want WebGLSL to be the lingua franca of shaders on the
web in one way or another (CSS3 FX has specified custom() to accept
URLs pointing to resources of "that WebGL shading language"). Many on
this list and 3dweb@khronos.org have been working tirelessly for years
on WebGL and related technologies. Many millions of dollars have been
invested in this ecosystem. We all want this standard to succeed. To
my mind, success implies longevity. If WebGL is a success, it will
still be in use in 2022 and WebGLSL will have a media type. When will
the media type be registered? This year? 2014? 2018?

Media type registration is a great step toward giving systems
developers guidance regarding classifying resources containing
Media type registration brings WebGL closer to being a real Open Web Standard.

I am hopeful that the WebGL WG and the Khronos body as a whole will
see that creating high-quality Web standards requires integrating
existing Web standards and defining the new standards' interactions
with the established standards.

This is only the beginning. Let us act as good stewards of
computational law and servants of the Web.

Sincerely yours,


> I look forward to your thoughts and comments.
> Best wishes,
> David Sheets

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