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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGLSL Media Type Proposal

Of course you can write anything into scripttags. That doesn't mean it's
a bright Idea. The issues isn't that it wouldn't be allowed. The issues
is that beginners see examples like that, and then start writing bigger
apps, and suddenly they notice "heck, this is fucking unmaintainable"
and then they have no clue how to do things, or that there would be an
XHR that they can use, because going from <script>inline</script> to XHR
is entirely non-obvious.

Just as going from full-page reloads to XHR is entirely non-obvious for web development in general, unless you have clear examples.

I don't think we should encourage one method over the other in all cases, but it would probably be a good idea to suggest SCRIPT tags for small scale local testing and XHRs for full scale deployments.

Of course, if XHR supported local file access in a consistent way across browsers, we could recommend that for everything, and rather large local deployments would become viable.


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