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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGLSL Media Type Proposal

    (Not to mention the requirement of a local http server, which most
    definitely negatively impacts the pick-up-and-hack capabilities of

You need that anyway in Chrome if you're loading any textures, since it
treats them as not same-origin.

Really? Well, somebody should fix that then, basically. I don't believe the HTML standard requires documents to be served with HTTP

Once again, nothing about XHR is specific to HTTP, no more than it's
specific to HTTP.  The name is purely legacy.

XHR is *not* an HTTP-specific API.  It's perfectly normal practice and
completely by design to use it for any URL.

It has evolved to be that way. Should've been designed for it from the get-go. I like how nobody thought a platform API might need a way of, you know, loading files? :p Then again, hindsight is 20-20.

It often won't work for file URLs, but that has nothing to do with XHR;
that's a same-origin policy issue which wouldn't be solved by any other
API, as it's a lower-level security policy issue.

Well, so long as these policies stay the same, XHR isn't useful in this scenario, is my point.

No, we don't, because you can already do it with <script>.

<script id=foo type=vertex-shader>

At one point, somebody expressed, in a manner that sounded quite authoritative, that no, we're not meant to do it that way, because a GLSL script is not meaningful to the browser in any way. Somebody also said something about how you can't use this to source scripts from other files, thus XHR was suggested, but with the above policies, this doesn't always work.

Is it encouraged, or is it not?


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