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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGLSL Media Type Proposal

Are you deliberately trying to make this look harder than it is?

Since everybody's alergic against inlining the text in their html
anyway, and since you're gonna load say like 50 shaders, and since
you're not gonna want to hand-write out 50 shader URLs into your html,
the most often used path would be to generate the requests by JS, and
preferably in a manner that does not block your site for oh, 30 seconds
on a slow connection because you want a bunch of text snippets
delivered. So no, I'm not deliberately making things look harder, I'm
deliberately picking the most sensible usecase.

If your use case is to auto-load 50 shaders, then sure, your way is fine.

The use case being discussed here, I feel, is *not* loading 50 shaders. And I'm not convinced everyone's allergic to inlining.

I mean, come on, even CSS allows inlining, for one-off cases and testing during development, and it's the one-off cases we're talking about here.

The way things are set up right now is not exactly inductive to experimentation.


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