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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL URI Extension Proposal

> The elephant in the room is that this isn't really solving any issues that
> are currently being faced, and 15+ years of OpenGL on the desktop has shown
> that it won't likely be an issue either. The GL extension mechanism has
> hardly found itself dying for a new namespace rule. The only thing this
> accomplishes is devastates source compatibility with GLES

The simple transform in my shim demonstrates otherwise. Far more
devastating to source compatibility with GLES are undeclared ad hoc
extensions which fail in unexpected ways instead of "don't know
extension http://glslexts.tld/real_type_system".

Is undeclared ad-hoc extensions a problem? It isn't like developers can just make new extensions, only browser authors can. I don't remember anyone commenting about the huge fragmentation due to browser specific "ad-hoc" extensions. If that is your problem with the current system, then it hardly seems like a justification for any changes at all. My 2c.