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[Public WebGL] WebGL URI Extension Proposal

Hello, world!

I am interested in your input on an extension I'd like to propose
called URI <http://ashima.github.com/webgl-uri/URI/>.

The URI extension embeds the WebGL extension namespace into the RFC
3986 Open Web namespace of URIs.

This extension is needed because Khronos needs to keep control of the
extension namespace despite:
 - Service providers' desire to understand shader resources (and
third-party extensions will not be excluded)
 - Shader authors' desire to use third-party syntax extensions and
standard libraries
 - Tool developers' desire to provide unambiguous, machine-consumable
extension names

The use of URIs solves this decentralized, hierarchical naming problem
in a web standard way and allows Khronos to decide what authorities to
bless for extensions supported by conformant browsers.

The proposed extension enables new API and ESSL preprocessor behavior.
I have written a JavaScript shim
<http://ashima.github.com/webgl-uri/URI/webgl-uri.js> that mimics the
behavior of the proposed extension if you are interested.

Also I look forward to discussing this proposal after my talk at this
month's WebGL Developers San Francisco Meetup on Thursday at 7pm at
Google's San Francisco offices (RSVP


David Sheets

PS I apologize if you receive this message multiple times, my previous
message does not appear to have posted.

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